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How Do I Know What It’s Worth?

It’s the question most people ask themselves before heading out to cash it in: “Will I get $50? $100? $500? I have no idea!”

The truth is that price charts, weights and stamps found on most gold buyers’ websites, including our own, mean nothing if you’ve just got a bit of gold and no way of weighing or testing it.

That’s why we’ve been busy uploading pictures and the prices we paid for some of our recent purchases. Lots of jewellery is mass-manufactured, so you might actually find exactly what you’re trying to sell in our list of items we’ve already bought. Find out exactly what your gold is worth!

You’ll see that it really doesn’t matter what your gold looks like; whether it’s broken, worn-out or just plain ugly, it doesn’t matter! Vancouver Gold pays strictly for the precious-metal content in your jewelry.

You’ll also notice there’s a loonie placed in each picture, just to give you a common reference point in case you’re wondering what size the piece is.

With a 150% highest payout guarantee, and as the only gold buyer in the Lower Mainland to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau, trust in Vancouver Gold.

When Gold Rises, So Does Risk

With the DOW closing at record highs last week, the big question is “where do we go from here?”

The equity markets which, just a few short years ago, buckled under the weight of a struggling economy and cautious investors, have risen to never-before-seen highs.

With the recession still fresh in everybody’s minds, are we really going to see a continued rally, or is this just the beginning of a very painful run back to more “sustainable” levels?


Gold Demand Hit Record High in 2012

The World Gold Council released its quarterly report on gold demand today, highlighting the record-high investment in the precious-metal by central banks as well as increased demand for jewelry in India, up 41% over last year.

Interestingly, investment demand seems to have stalled, falling 8% over last year, even as prices trended generally higher during the period of the report. It seems that individual investors are shying away from the precious metal while central banks are shoring up their reserves and maintaining high levels of demand.

Will the bubble burst? It’s possible, but with huge economies around the world now more exposed to gold than ever, it seems that their macro-economic policies should tend to prop up its value.

Now might actually be a great time to buy gold if you were to speculate that it bears an increasing importance on a multi-currency reserve system, as individual investors are creating downward pressure on prices while the major investors (central banks) look to acquire even more of it.


How Will Obama’s Speech Affect Gold?

Canada Gold reports that tonight’s State-of-the-Union speech from President Obama could provide some fuel for the markets tomorrow, depending on what new policy initiatives are announced.

Considering some of the unexpected content of his inaugural address, Obama could cause a stir in the markets tomorrow if his announcements give investors reason to speculate on the government’s spending growth and its reaction to the looming debt-ceiling.

It will be interesting to see just how serious the President will be on following-through with his commitments announced last month, and just how rattled investors are likely to get following any concrete announcements that are made.

Read the full story by clicking the link below.


Vancouver Gold Becomes First BBB Accredited Lower Mainland Gold Buyer

January 17, 2013

Vancouver, BC – Vancouver Gold today announced their accreditation with the Mainland BC chapter of the Better Business Bureau. This marks the first time that a gold buyer or gold dealer has been granted BBB accreditation in the region.

Helping with their case for accreditation, Vancouver Gold has served close to 50,000 customers in the BC Lower Mainland without a single complaint to the BBB. They have also pledged to work through the BBB mediation program should any complaints be brought forward and have agreed to comply with any BBB arbitration rulings.

With the price of gold reaching record highs, many people have considered cashing-in their gold through a variety of different methods. It is recommended to always bring your precious-metals to a reputable buyer with an acceptable BBB rating who will test and pay for your items on-the-spot in front of you.

Visit to see Vancouver Gold’s BBB Business Review.

About Vancouver Gold:
Founded in 2009, Vancouver Gold and its subsidiaries are among the leading precious-metals refining companies in Canada. With 12 offices serving Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Hamilton, Toronto, Kingston, Ottawa and Halifax, and a nationwide mail-in program, the company has grown to offer a broad range of gold and silver refining services to all Canadians.


Better Business Bureau – British Columbia, Lower Mainland, Interior, Yukon
Better Business Bureau – British Columbia, Lower Mainland, Interior, Yukon

Platinum Prices Outpace Gold on Supply Concerns

Today, for the first time in 10 months, the price for platinum briefly outpaced gold. Historically platinum has always been the more valuable precious-metal, with supply and reserve levels roughly 15 times less than gold.

Last year however, with gold prices on a tear, the value of the yellow metal went on to eclipse those of platinum, with a similar story playing out until today’s breakthrough.

The reason for this change, according to industry observers, has been the weakening supply of platinum in the midst of increased industrial demand. Most of the mining supply of platinum (non-recycled) comes from South Africa, and today a major producer, Anglo American Platinum, announced they will close four of their South African mines, cutting production of the precious metal by 400,000 ounces per year.

Demand for platinum is also on the rise recently, it is used in the production of electronics and vehicle emission systems, both industries that have seen recent sales growth. Jewelry demand has also increased as platinum sold at a discount to gold but this trend will quickly reverse as the prices even out.

Gold Headlines

Gold prices rose sharply today as positive indicators from the European Union depressed the US dollar.

This helped to erase most of the losses that gold has seen over the past week. Bullish precious-metals investors are now saying that we could see gold hit $1800 sooner rather than later.


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In The News

Every gold investor understands the tough decision that needs to be made regarding the quantity and weight of product to buy for each transaction.

One 5 oz gold bar will generally cost less than five 1oz bars, but provides much less flexibility when it comes time to sell. Most investors understand that it’s better to sell in smaller quantities over a period of time rather than all at once; meaning you pay more now to save later, or vice-versa.

Swiss refining company, Valcambi, aims to resolve those issues with their latest product, the “CombiBar”. Available in 50g bars, the CombiBar can be broken into individual 1g segments, not unlike a chocolate bar. Each 1g segment is stamped and certified .9999 pure gold.

The segments can be broken off without loosing any material and sold individually, they also cost less than buying 50 individual 1g bars as the 50g  CombiBar is sold as one piece of bullion.

European investors have been flocking to this new gold bullion since it was launched in December and now the company has announced that it will be available to North American gold investors later on this year.

So I guess we’ll be bringing back the popular candy bar jingle: “Gimme a break, gimme a break, break me off a piece of that gold bar!”


Weekly Roundup

What a week its been for gold: Starting out strong on the news that a last-minute deal was finally reached to save the US economy from teetering over the fiscal cliff. Gold and other precious metals didn’t have much staying-power though.

After a chance to digest the reality of the fiscal cliff deal, posting gains on Wednesday, things took a turn for the worse yesterday as market watchers felt that the US Federal Reserve’s monetary policy wasn’t favourable to gold. This also coincided with a weakening of the US dollar, a rare occasion where both precious metals and the dollar dropped in value at the same time.

The general consensus seems to be that the economy is now out of the woods, and demand for gold as an investment is on the way down.

So the question to ask is; do you jump on the bandwagon and sell now, or hang on in the hopes of the much-touted $2000 an ounce gold that everyone was predicting not too long ago?

Growing fears of inflation could signal an upward trend for gold, but if you sold now, it would be into a market that is currently feeling some downward pressure while still historically quite high. It has also brought positive gains for most precious-metals investors to this point.

Keep an eye on the market but don’t get too rattled about sudden changes, with the fear of inflation on the horizon, high gold prices are here to stay.


Gold Prices Plummet as Fed Considers End to Stimulus (Update 1) – TheStreet
Gold prices plummet on Friday after the Fed minutes reveal mixed feelings about the central bank’s stimulus programs.

Gold Prices at a 5 month high! Will Gold climb above $1,700/ounce?

Is the end in sight for gold? Or will the price for gold just keep climbing in 2012?
The Wallstreet Journal reports – “Gold futures for December delivery (US:GCZ2) rose $9.60, or 0.6%, to $1,697.20 an ounce in electronic trade on the New York Mercantile Exchange.” We’re only a toonie and some loose change from seeing gold climb above $1,700 an ounce!

It seems that there are a lot of different events occurring or pending that may continue to stimulate gold to even greater heights. Some of the factors identified in the article include:

  1. Increased cash printing by the Fed, causing investors to safeguard against inflation by buying more gold.
  2. European Central Bank meeting
  3. U.S. non-farm payrolls report due Friday, Sept 7, 2012
  4. China’s manufacturing activity fell more than expected recently, causing speculators to think the Chinese government may prop up economic growth by investing in more gold.
  5. Ongoing strike conditions involving approximately 12,000 workers at the Gold Fields Ltd.’s (US:GFI) KDC mine in Johannesburg

All of this would seem to indicate that the precious metal could be on the rise yet again. If I had some gold that I wanted to sell, I’d probably wait to see how things progress in the next few days. How about you? Are speculators just attempting to make something out of nothing or will the price for gold just keep climbing? Share your opinion with Vancouver Gold below!

As reported by the Wallstreet Journal: