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Canada Gold, our free mail-in service is a safe, reliable alternative to that risky ‘cash-for-gold operations.

Turn your unwanted gold or jewelry into cash with Canada Gold’s easy, secure, prepaid gold mail-in services. You can now sell your gold or other precious metals for the best price, without even leaving the house.

We established our mail-in services as a safe and viable alternative to those risky “cash for gold” operations that force unsuspecting consumers to accept unfair rates and impossible return policies. All mail-in requests are handled and processed out of our Vancouver office.

Whether you visit one of our locations in person or mail in your items, you will be treated with the utmost care and consideration, and offered the same industry-leading rates (see today’s precious metals prices here).

As gold buying specialists with physical locations from coast-to-coast, we have gained the trust of thousands of customers and clients and can offer this secure, high-end alternative to the usual mail-in service at no extra cost.

Each of our locations is listed and/or accredited with the Better Business Bureau to ensure your peace of mind.

How do I use mail-in services to sell my gold?

  1. Fill out the secure GoldPack order form below or contact us for assistance. Our mail-in services are completely free of charge and there is never any obligation to sell your items.
  2. We mail you a secure GoldPack as soon as we receive your request.
  3. Within a week you should receive your secure GoldPack, which includes free return shipping and insurance as well as instructions on how to return it. Fill the GoldPack with your items and send it back to us.
  4. Upon receipt, we test and evaluate your items just as though you had brought them into one of our stores yourself.
  5. You get cash for your gold! The testing results are fully documented and sent back to you with your payment within one business day of us receiving your items.

We will contact you if you have sent items that we cannot purchase (i.e. gold plated, or not gold, silver or platinum). We will ask if you wish to have them returned to you or donated instead to the Dress For Success non-profit campaign. If you’d like to speak to an expert about getting cash for gold the secure and reliable way, you can reach us toll free at 1-888-219-7001 and press 1 for our Vancouver head office. Fill out the form below to receive your FREE GoldPack.

Secure mail service

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Checked out several gold appraisal websites and decided on Vancouver Gold as I felt more comfortable dealing with a local business that had received such positive reviews from previous clients. I received my package 4 days after contacting them. Completed the easy to understand information sheet, wrote down the description of the jewelry items and put the gold into the insured and prepaid Canada Post envelope that came with the package. Received my cheque with a detailed breakdown of the weight and value of my jewelry 5 days after posting the envelope. I also received the gemstones I requested to be sent back. I was positively surprised and extremely happy with the payment that I received and would recommend Vancouver Gold to anyone who has jewelry that they no longer need to hold onto. – Canada Gold Google Review