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Dental gold and dental scrap gold come in the form of extracted gold teeth, crowns, bridges, implants, fillings, grindings and sweepings. Instead of collecting dust in a drawer, take your dental gold to any of our locations for a free valuation and we’ll give you an offer on the spot.


Dental gold is rarely 100% pure gold. While the majority of dental scrap value comes from the gold content, precious metals are mixed in to increase strength and durability. Up to 30% of your dental gold could consist of platinum, palladium and silver. Most gold buyers pay only for the gold content (offering you nothing for the other metals). However, Canada Gold pays you for ALL of the precious metals.

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How does scrap dental gold get refined?
How much is my dental gold worth?
Do you pay for just the gold content or for the other precious metals too?
Is there a minimum quantity I need to bring in?
I don’t live near a Canada Gold store. How do I sell my dental gold or dental scrap by mail?