Gold’s Price for Investors

The Benefits of Owning Gold in Canada: Hedging Against Inflation and Market Volatility

For thousands of years, gold has been valued by humanity for its beauty and scarcity. The first known use of gold as currency dates to around 700 B.C., when the first coins were produced by the merchants of Lydia, an Iron Age kingdom of Western Asia Minor. Made from a mixture of gold and silver known as electrum, these coins were simple lumps that had been stamped to identify them as currency.

Whether it’s exchanged as money, turned into jewellery, or used in modern electrical and technology applications, gold has remained a highly sought-after precious metal. Today, people are again turning to gold as an investment, but what makes gold so important and is it worth buying?

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Sell Gold For Cash Online

How To Sell Gold For Cash Online And Near Me In 2023

Are you wanting to sell your gold items for cash? Well, you are not alone. There are many people looking to make some extra money from their unwanted jewellery or coins. If you are planning on selling your precious items, but aren’t sure where to start, this guide will help walk you through the process of selling your gold for cash online and “near me” in 2023.

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gold bullion Canada vancouver

Do Mints Matter? A Guide to The Major Gold Bullion

Gold can be kept in a variety of forms. Gold of high purity is often kept in the form of bars, but may also be found as ingots and coins. Gold that is officially recognized as being at least 99.5% pure is referred to as bullion, which can be cast into any of these shapes, making it convenient to carry, transfer, or even stack.

When gold ore is mined from the earth, it is a mix of gold and mineralized rock. Using extreme heat or chemicals, the gold is extracted from the ore, creating the bullion. Bullion is often held as reserves by governments and central banks or held by institutionalized investors.

A mint is a company that will mint, pour, or cast precious metals, including gold. Some will say that gold is gold, regardless of where it originates or where it is minted, but for some collectors, the mint does hold importance and, sometimes, it can be quite significant.

Here are some of the mints and manufacturers who produce investment-grade bullion:

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Dental Scrap Gold and Silver

How Much Are Dental Scrap Gold and Silver Worth?

When we think of dental fillings, many of us immediately picture the silver fillings that have been widely used by dentists for more than a century. While typically referred to as silver due to their colour, these are actually an amalgam of metals such as mercury, silver, copper, and tin. Other materials have been used for dental work as well, including porcelain, stainless steel, and gold. Gold and silver have been used not only in fillings, but in crowns, or to cover the visible portion of a tooth completely.

If you have dental scrap from old dental work that has since been replaced with other materials, you may be wondering if it has any value. Is dental gold, for example, worth as much as gold from jewellery?

The price of precious metals is on the rise, with gold and silver increasing over the course of 2021, but what does that mean for your dental scrap gold and silver?

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home test for gold - how to tell if your gold is real or fake

Home Tests For Gold – How to Tell If Gold Is Real or Fake 

Many of us have seen old movies and TV shows where a character tries to determine whether a coin is gold by biting it. While there may actually have been a time when this was a useful means of testing gold, it is probably not something that you would want to try today, whether you are in a thrift shop looking to make a purchase or checking out jewellery at home. So how do you know if gold is real or fake?

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how to calculate the value of your old gold jewellery

Math Of Gold – How To Calculate The Value Of Your Gold

Does the price of gold have you tempted to sell your unwanted jewellery? Before you part with your gold pieces, it may well benefit you to know the karat weight. But density, gold-plated jewellery, and pennyweight measurements can cause confusion, leading to improper karat rating for purity. What does all this mean, you ask? Don’t worry about frightening flashbacks of math class. We are going to answer how to figure out the pure gold content in any karat weight. 

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