White Gold Rate Today

Looking For The White Gold Rate Today ?

white gold rate today
When high proportions of silver, nickel, or zinc are added to gold, it becomes “white gold”. Higher-end goldsmiths prefer to alloy with palladium and platinum, and this increases the value of this particular type of white gold considerably, thereby increasing the white gold rate today.
Making gold of different colours is part of the goldsmith’s art. The colour of gold alloys changes from yellow to white as the proportion of white metal (such as silver, nickel or platinum) increases. When 70% or more silver is added, for example, the alloy will be pure white. The content of gold alloys is expressed in units of 24 called carats or karats. So, a 12 karat gold alloy is only contains 50 percent gold, and 24-karat gold is 100% pure. The price of white gold therefore depends on which metals have been used to make it.
Gold buyers prefer alloys of high value metals. Platinum is very expensive and,
at over $1,600 an ounce, is almost as expensive as gold. This means that gold made
from an alloy of gold and platinum will have virtually the same value as one made
from pure gold. If silver or nickel had been used to make the white gold, the value
will be much less. Remember this when looking for the white gold rate today.
High-end jewelers find a ready market for white gold that has been alloyed with
platinum. It provides a very good setting for diamonds and other stones, and the
combination can looking stunning.

White Gold Versus Platinum

In effect, most white gold is trying to look like platinum. That’s what happened
during the 1920s and 1930s, when there was a explosion in the use of the gold
“substitute”. In those days, the price of platinum was far higher than that of gold.
Much of the antique white gold we see today comes from this period. Telling the
two apart is not very difficult, especially when you have an example of each in
your possession. Platinum, as we have already seen, is always much heavier than a
gold-platinum mix. The easiest way to tell the two apart is simply to weigh them.

Finding Out The True White Gold Rate Today

To discover what an item of white gold is worth, you need to discover what alloys
are included with the gold and what purity the gold is. You can find this out using a
gold testing kit, which you can buy online at eBay or Amazon for a few dollars.
Once you know what your white gold consists of you need to do a few simple
calculations. Here’s an example: you may have a 12K white gold ring, which
would be 50% gold and 50% other metals. The weight of item x 50% x the spot
price of gold, would give you the price of the gold. You follow the same process
with the other metals. As a result, the white gold rate today can vary based on the
composition of your piece of jewelry.
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